There’s a big bunch of young men and women who are still a little smaller than most of the adults (and interested in hanging out with their friends) but too big for the junior intermediates in the other classes.

New Teenage Opportunity: The “Shinryukan Samurai” Group

Takase Shihan has given Jeanie Benson Sensei the go-ahead to begin a teen class set at adult skill levels for these students and Jeanie welcomes all of the 13 years plus – through to 15 to try this out.


The Shinryukan Samurai class is designed to be taken alongside the beginner classes but it takes training a little more seriously and has a set format designed to extend these young, flexible bodies, build fitness and co-ordination – so it is fairly fast paced and it also takes into account the years of training that many of the juniors have gained.

The level is set at the first three adult gradings (rokkyu (6th) gokyu (5th) and yonkyu (4th). The class becomes a social exercise for our teens as well as developing their Aikido and taking them into intermediate adult level.

Who can join?

Like all of our Aikido classes this class is suitable for beginners (in the right age groups), but there is also strong core of experienced Aikidoka who have progressed up from the junior classes.

What will they learn?

The core syllubus covers:

  • Techniques from the first 3 adult grading levels.
  • Tai Sabaki (footwork and stance)
  • Ukemi (advanced level topukemi and responsive uke)
  • Weapons (the basics of working with Bokken – sword, tanto – knife and jo – staff)

When and where?

The class is held at the Aberfoyle Street dojo every Friday evening from 5pm to 6pm (right before their other social activities). The main teacher or Sensei is Jeanie Benson Sensei and Jeanie Sensei is assisted by several of our other adult instructors and high grade black belt assistants.

Junior classes continue to break for the school holidays during the year. But our Samurai group is made of sterner stuff and operates throughout the year, apart from a 2-week break at Christmas-New Year.

Friday’s Only?

Our intention for the Shinryukan Samurai youngsters is to see them extend their skills and confidence rapidly. We know that if they can train 2 or 3 times a week, this will happen sooner. So Jeanie Sensei watches progress closely and as soon as their level of fitness and confidence allows it, she will be encouraging them to join in other classes as well – the adult beginners classes (Wed or Sat) for some, the adult general classes (Tues, Thurs or Sat) for others. There is no additional cost for any of those classes – it’s all covered by the $30 monthly fee.


Fees are set at $30 per month – either by automatic payment or in 6-month installments

The annual membership fee of $40 per year will apply as it does to adult members.
To find out more, or to reserve a place in the class…

…please call either Jeanie Sensei (021 335 020) or Takase Shihan (09 294 7665 or 021 779 179)