Aikido helps develop not only flexibility and co-ordination, but also overall balance. Aikido is a fun and enjoyable method of learning practical self-defense, improving reactions and movement useful in evading a confronting situation.

Can kids gain a black belt in Aikido?

The short answer is ”no”. Aikido black belt status is not awarded to people younger than 13 years of age.

At the age of 13, your child will move from the children’s class to the adult class and at this stage he or she will begin to work towards a black belt grading.

Are there other gradings for kids?

Yes, children progress through a series of kyu gradings. They earn a different colour of Aikido belt to show the level they have reached.

How will Aikido help my child’s fitness?

Aikido exercises the whole body. It teaches and develops not only flexibility and co-ordination, but also balance and quick reaction.

Aikido is a method of practical self-defense, so your child will gradually develop the skills of spontaneous reaction and effective movement which will prove useful in evading a threatening situation.

Where can we go to see Aikido in action?

There are Aikido Training Centres throughout Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Find a location near to you to see training centre locations and training times.

You are welcome to come along to watch a training session.

Can my child try one or two Aikido sessions?

That’s fine. Either contact the teacher listed as the contact person a training centre near you. Or come along to a session 15 minutes ahead of time and introduce your child to the instructor – the instructor will be one of the black-belt members.