Interested in Learning Aikido?

Aikido is a non-aggressive and non-competitive Japanese martial art. In an Aikido class you can learn techniques in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. You will develop self confidence improved balance and coordination while improving your fitness at your own pace. Aikido is a healthy exercise and an effective self-defence.

We’ve studied Aikido for 50 years in NZ with Shihan Nobuo Takase 7th Degree Black Belt and we are directly linked to the Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters in Japan. All our black belt certificates are registered in Japan and recognised worldwide.

A “non-aggressive” martial art? Isn’t that a contradiction?

Aikido does not seek to meet violence with violence and yet maintains its martial origins. Aikido is based on spherical movements by which an attacker’s aggressive force is turned against itself. Basic Aikido techniques involve joint immobilisations, pinning and throwing using the opponent’s momentum bringing the attacker under control by blending with their oncoming force.

What kind of people learn Aikido in New Zealand.

Aikido appeals to many different kinds of people, both as a form of exercise and as a form of self-defence.

Aikido does not require physical strength or an aggressive spirit. So, regardless of your age, your physical size or your state of fitness, with Aikido you will soon learn how to immobilize, pin down or throw an opponent with relative ease.

Do women do Aikido?

Some of the top Aikido practitioners and instructors in New Zealand and throughout the world are women. Because Aikido is essentially a method of practical self-defence, women find that they acquire a sound basis of quick reaction and effective movement which proves useful if an occasion should demand it in real life.

Women find Aikido a fun and relaxing way to learn how to defend themselves.

How about children?

Aikido is an ideal martial art for children. Many New Zealand Aikido training centres (dojos) have either special classes for children or hold general classes which incorporate Training for Children. Contact your local centre for more details about Aikido dojo’s around Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

Does Aikido help with fitness?

Based on full and natural body movement, Aikido exercises the whole body. It teaches and develops flexibility, co-ordination, balance and quick reaction.

Because Aikido is essentially a method of practical self-defense, you will eventually acquire a sound basis of spontaneous reaction and effective movement which will prove useful if you should ever find yourself in a threatening situation.

What are the benefits of Aikido?

Here are some of the benefits our Aikido practitioners report:

  • improved physical fitness
  • a new confidence in being able to defend myself
  • all the benefits of exercise for my mind and my body
  • new friends who are positive and health-conscious
  • increased concentration and focus in my life
  • increased calmness and peace of mind

Can I aim for a black belt in Aikido?

Yes, Aikido has a system of regular gradings which lead to black belt status. As with other Japanese martial arts, the black belt grade has a number of rankings, with first dan being the lowest, second dan the next rank up and so forth.

Where can I go to see Aikido in action?

There are Aikido Training Centres throughout Auckland and throughout New Zealand. If you click on any of the locations on the right-hand side of this page, you will be able to see Aikido training centre locations and training times.

You are welcome to come along to watch a training session.

Is it all right to try a lesson to see if Aikido is for me?

That’s fine. Either contact the teacher listed as the contact person at a training centre near you. Or come along to an Aikido session 15 minutes ahead of time and introduce yourself to the instructor – he or she will be one of the black-belt members.

Our Beginner’s Information page has some useful practical suggestions about what to wear and how to get started.

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