Founder & Technical Director

Shihan Nobuo TakaseĀ 7th Dan

Assisting Instructors

Simon Puffett 6th Dan, Victor George 6th Dan – Retired
Malcolm Johnston 5th Dan,
Darryll Stewart 4th Dan, Bruce Bonita 4th Dan, Paul Davidson 4th Dan,
Ben Hoffman 3rd Dan, Diedrik Oomens 3rd Dan
Rochelle Sherriff 2nd Dan, Dane Mitchell 2nd Dan,
Richard Pearce 1st Dan


16 Aberfoyle Street, Mt Eden, Auckland

Classes on offer

Hombu Dojo offers the following classes;

Children 7yrs +
– this is a class designed for children starting 7+ years.

Samurai 10yrs – 13yrs
– this is a second more advanced class for children aged 10yrs – 13yrs.

– this class is open to 13yrs + and adults, focusing on basic fundamentals.

– this is a faster paced adults class aimed at confident and experienced practitioners.

Jo & Bokken
– this class teaches weapons basics, kata and partner practice.

Weapons Disarming*
– the last Saturday of every month, lessons in Jo, Bokken & Tanto disarming.


Classes Wed Thu Fri Sat
Children 7yrs+ 5:30-6:25pm 9:00-9:55am
Samurai 10yrs-13yrs 5:30-6:25pm
Kihon/Beginners 6:30-7:25pm 10:00-10:55am
General 7:30-8:25pm 6:30-7:25pm 11:00-11:55am
Jo & Bokken 7:30-8:25pm
Weapons Disarming* 12:00-1:00pm

Hombu Dojo Calendar