This agreement contains all the terms and conditions under which the applicant agrees to undertake training by Aikido Shinryukan Ltd and any express or implied condition, statement or warranty statutory or otherwise not stated herein is expressly excluded.

  1. No responsibility shall be taken by Aikido Shinryukan Ltd, or by its Instructors, for accidents that may occur during training.
  2. New and current members must inform an instructor or Aikido Shinryukan Ltd in writing detailing any potentially serious health conditions they may have prior to submitting their application, or if already a student, when they become aware of any such condition.
  3. Each student undertakes to pay their monthly fees to Aikido Shinryukan Ltd until notification of termination of this agreement is received in writing by Aikido Shinryukan Ltd.
  4. If a student is unable to train for a short time, contact shall be made with Aikido Shinryukan Ltd or your local Instructor who may permit cancellation of monthly training fees.
  5. Unless waived by Aikido Shinryukan Ltd in accordance with clause 4, all fees are non refundable.
  6. All payments to Aikido Shinryukan Ltd shall be by Automatic Payment, 6 Monthly or Annually.
  7. While training, students must obey their Instructor who has the right to expel any student from training permanently.
  8. No one may train while under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs, no jewellery to be worn whilst training.
  9. No one may swear while training or on the premises.
  10. Students must at all times maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, no torn Gi or Hakama is allowed to be worn while training. Training Gi to be clean and pressed.
  11. Hands and feet must be kept clean, with finger and toenails kept short at all times.
  12. No Student may train with exposed sores or cuts.
  13. Persons under 16 years of age must obtain signed approval from their parents or legal guardian before applying to train.
  14. Students may not train in another style of Martial Art without approval of Aikido Shinryukan Ltd or their regular Instructor.
  15. Aikido Shinryukan Ltd has the right to terminate this agreement in writing without notice, either temporarily or permanently, for behaviour unacceptable to Aikido Shinryukan Ltd and the spirit of Aikido in general.