Spring 2018 Grading

Adult dan & kyu grade examinations will be held throughout October and November 2018. A schedule of gradings is available here. Please speak with your Dojo Cho regarding your eligibility and, once approved, please enter your registration here.

Aikido Shinryukan 49 International Gasshuku January 2019

Next year’s 49th International Gasshuku has been organized to coincide with the Auckland Anniversary weekend of 25th, 26th and 27th of January 2019. Shihan Nobuo Takase 7 Dan will lead the event in conjunction with three international guest instructors, 14 … Continued

2018 Tahiti Aikido Seminar with Takase Shihan

Fédération Polynésienne d’Aïkido and Takase Shihan invite you to attend the 2018 Pacific Aikido Seminar. The seminar will be held in the Erima Dojo in Arue, Tahiti on 17, 18 & 19 August 2018. This is a great chance to … Continued

2018 Examination & Seminar Schedule

Shinju-Kai Singapore 30th Anniversary April 6 – 8 Beijing China April 12 – 17 Ramarama Workshop April 22 Brisbane Aikikai May 4 – 6 Wellington May 12 Alexandra & Dunedin May 19 – 20 Hombu Dojo Kids May 23 Rangiora … Continued

Try Aikido in Ramarama

You’re invited to a free trial lesson in Aikido – the Japanese martial art On Wednesday 24th January, Ramarama’s Aikido club will hold an open day. Anyone is welcome to take part, either joining in a free trial class, or … Continued

Ramarama Dojo Aikido Workshop 24 Sept’17

A workshop will be held at Ramarama Dojo with Shihan N. Takase on Sunday 24th September ’17. The focus will be on the key principals and basic fundamentals enabling greater control of uke. Members aiming to reach that next level … Continued

2017 Grading Examination & Seminar Schedule

Please find below the seminar and grading examination schedule for 2017. Beijing/Tienjin 24 – 31 March ‘17 Hombu Dojo Grading Workshop 1pm – 2:30pm 8 April ‘17 Brisbane Aikikai 28 – 30 April ‘17 Ramarama Seminar 7 May ‘17 Wellington … Continued

Online Kyu & Dan Grade Applications

The ‘NEW’ online Kyu & Dan grading forms are open. Those members wishing to fill out a grading application form are first asked to talk to their respective Dojo head. Grading application and payment facilities can be found – Here … Continued