Upcoming: Summer Workshop

Starting off the new year the right way with a joint workshop on Saturday 13 February 2021, one week before the Auckland Regional Grading Examinations!

Shihan Nobuo Takase will be joined by guest instructors;

  • Ramarama Dojo Cho Sarah Baker 5 Dan
  • Waitakere Dojo Cho Wayne Nahi 5 Dan.

The workshop consists of 4 x 50 minute lessons.

Attendance fee $35


SATURDAY 13 February 2021

Kihon Class 10am-11 S. Puffett

General Class 11am-12 N. Takase


Workshop Commencing 12:15pm

Workshop 1 W. Nahi

Workshop 2 B. Orr

Workshop 3 N. Takase

Workshop 4 N. Takase


Afterwards, we hope that you will also be able to join us for some light refreshments.