This is a resource page for parents of children training in aikido at Hombu (Mt Eden) dojo. This page will be updated regularly so please bookmark for your own reference.

Current training term

Training for term 1, 2024 starts Saturday 3 February and the last day of training for term 1 will be Thursday 11 April.

Training for term 2, 2024 will start Thursday 2 May 2024.


Payments are based on each school term and there are discounts available for multiple terms and also if you have more than one family member training.

If you have a larger family please contact us directly.


Next Grading Date

The next grading is currently scheduled for late May or early June. We will confirm the date and time soon.

Applications for gradings can be made here.


Our grading system allows for half grades and is structured to encourage our younger participants and reward their efforts in training. The belt progression is shown below.

Grade Belt Colour
Semi 10th Kyu & 10th Kyu Yellow Belt
Semi 9th Kyu & 9th Kyu Orange Belt
Semi 8th Kyu & 8th Kyu Red Belt
Semi 7th Kyu & 7th Kyu Green Belt
Semi 6th Kyu & 6th Kyu Blue Belt
Semi 5th Kyu & 5th Kyu Purple Belt


Learning the basics

A guide to basic etiquette and some key training terms for our junior members can be found in this PDF.

Uniforms & Belts

All of our members are required to wear a training dogi. We recommend either this set from Auckland Martial Arts Supplies on Queen Street or this one from the online store Zenjo. Quality options are sometimes available on Trade Me.

Belts can be obtained from the same suppliers.