Ever dreamt of learning a martial art?

With every new year, comes the new year’s resolution to either do things differently, make changes in one’s life or to try something completely different – so, why not learn a martial art? Learning a martial art like Aikido is suitable for women and men of all ages. You don’t have to be fit and flexible (that will come), you just need a sense of fun to join our positive environment.

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Why Aikido – what’s so good about it?

Aikido improves your posture, coordination and natural core strength all at your own pace and, over time your aerobic fitness and joint flexibility will increase. We have people from all walks of life in our training centres (dojo) so you’ll find someone of comparable skills and temperament to train with – from meek and mild to energetic and wild! Aikido teaches you how to be a happier and healthier person it also gives you the skills to protect yourself in threatening situations – Aikido is evident in the training of police and military forces around the world.

Can anyone do it? Is it hard?

Anyone can learn Aikido. In fact, not only is Aikido suitable for everyone but suitable to learn between the ages of 7 through to 80+. Aikido is very natural in its movements and there is no need for strength to perform the techniques. Our training structure ensures you learn in a safe and controlled environment to a level that suits you. You will find that, as your fitness, flexibility and knowledge grows your ability to push yourself to perform more complex techniques increases.

Can I get a black belt?

All of our training centres (dojo) can lead you to obtain an internationally recognised black belt and even further, for example in becoming an instructor in Aikido.

How do I start?

Take the first step to learning a martial art by registering for a couple of free lessons or by walking in the door of any of our training centres. We are New Zealand’s largest Aikido organisation and we have dojos throughout the country – from Dunedin to Whangaparaoa.

Drop-in and try it or just watch – you’ll be surprised at how friendly we are and how easy it is to get started with a martial art that could become a lifelong passion.

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