New Format 52nd Anniversary Gasshuku

This year, participants will experience a new Gasshuku format for the 52nd Anniversary 22-24 July 2022 – one that we hope will improve on our already very popular event.

This NEW format will increase the overall number of classes on offer and the number of classes taught by Shihan Takase and several Shinryukan instructors from throughout NZ.

The following information summarises the New Gasshuku format going forward;



The NEW format will comprise of:

18 Lessons over 3 days = 3 x Friday, 8 x Saturday, 7 x Sunday + Embukai

6 Lessons by Shihan Nobuo Takase;

12 Lessons will be made available for a number of guest instructors.


All lessons will be:

50 minutes in length

10 min breaks in-between

1 hour lunch break on Sat & Sun


Optional extras available for participants:

$10 Lunch on Saturday and/or Sunday;

$15 Professional laundry service for keikogi on Saturday; and

$50 Gasshuku smorgasbord dinner at Fortuna Restaurant SkyCity on Saturday.


*Early Bird Rate / Standard Rate

*(Expires 10 July ’22)


Full 3 Day Fee

3 Day Registration $200 / $280


Single 1 Day Fee

Student (13–17 years) $60 / $90 p/day

Ungraded, 6th Kyu, 5th Kyu $100 / $130 p/day

Graded 4th Kyu & Above $150 / $180 p/day


International Attendance

$200 for attendees living outside New Zealand


Please Note:

Electronic transactions/payments cannot be taken at the event.

Due to online transaction fees being charged to Aikido Shinryukan a $35 cancellation fee will apply to this event.


Saturday 26th – Gasshuku Dinner

Fortuna Restaurant

SkyCity Level 3, 72 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1010

Commencing 7:30pm