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The largest Aikido organization in NZ promoting a non-aggressive and non-competitive Japanese martial art. Classes are taught in a friendly environment focusing on building confidence and improving your coordination. Our dojo’s are welcoming, whether you wish to experience the fun of your first class or are experienced come along and meet like minded people. Find out more here.

Takase Sensei

47th Aikido Shinryukan International Gasshuku

Next year we will be celebrating our 47th Anniversary Gasshuku over the Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th of March 2017. Lessons will be taught by Shihan Nobuo Takase and international guest Sensei Naoto Uchida from the Aikikai World Headquarters Tokyo Japan.

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Learning Aikido

Aikido improves posture, coordination and self confidence while focusing on relaxation and fluidity in movement. Suitable to all ages and genders, Aikido is a fun martial art to learn.

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Dojo Locations

There are Aikido Training Centres throughout Auckland and New Zealand. We invite you to visit and try out your first class or to contact one of our many Dojo for more info.

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News & Events

12th International Aikido Federation (IAF) Congress

Once every 4 years the IAF hosts an international congress in Japan, where aikidoka from all over the world gather to train under sensei from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. This year this congress is being hosted again, for the 12th time, and takes place in the city of Takasaki...

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