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Aikido is a non-aggressive and non-competitive Japanese martial art. In Aikido classes you learn techniques in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere and develop confidence, improved balance and coordination while improving your fitness at your own pace. Aikido is a healthy exercise and an effective self-defence. Find out more here.

Takase Sensei

Registrations are open for 45th Anniversary Aikido Shinryukan International Gasshuku

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Learning Aikido

Regardless of your physical size, state of fitness or if you are a man, woman or child, with Aikido you will soon learn how to immobilise, pin down or throw an opponent with relative ease.

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Dojo Locations

There are Aikido Training Centres throughout Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand. You are welcome to come along to watch a training session or you can enquire about joining here.

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News & Events

45th Anniversary Gasshuku

Nobuo Takase Shihan & Aikido Shinryukan would like to invite you to the 45th Anniversary Aikido Shinryukan International Gasshuku. Click the link below for details, dates and the online registration form.

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